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New MICHELIN Power Pure: The Lightest Sport Premium Tire Ever Conceived


In 2010, Michelin is unveiling – in a world premiere – the lightest sports motorcycle tire in its category*, the all-new MICHELIN Power Pure.

Five years before, Michelin first introduced a tire that used different rubber compounds for the crown and the shoulders. This marked the beginning of two-compound technology, which was to become the market standard for both Hypersport and Sport Touring tires.

Twenty-one years before this revolutionary two-compound technology was first launched, Michelin created a surprise with the first radial motorcycle tire. The technology was first used in 1984 for racing – in the GP-500 class – then extended to Michelin’s street tire lineups in 1987.

The direct descendant of these history-making tires, the new MICHELIN Power Pure charts a new direction in motorcycle tire design. What’s more, it opens new paths in the area of motorcycle handling. How is that possible? Because it weighs less, the MICHELIN Power Pure provides unmatched handling for greater responsiveness and superior riding pleasure.

The tire also delivers key benefits in terms of safety and long tread life. Safety has been improved thanks to second-generation MICHELIN Two-Compound Technology (2CT), developed specifically for the MICHELIN Power Pure. The soft layer of rubber on the tire’s shoulders has been extended to provide excellent traction when the bike begins to lean. Long tread life is the hallmark of all Michelin tires. The MICHELIN Power Pure owes its longevity to the thickness of its tread, which is the same as that of a previous-generation tire.

Less weight for the same amount of rubber is the result of MICHELIN Light Tire Technology (LTT). Michelin’s latest sports motorcycle tire is a good illustration of the Group’s strategy, which is never to sacrifice one performance feature for another. This means improving performance in several different areas simultaneously,

Sold worldwide beginning in January 2010, the MICHELIN Power Pure weighs one kilogram less than competing tires in the same category* and is the lightest two-compound tire ever approved for road use. The front and rear tires come in two and four different sizes, respectively, to fit a broad range of sports bikes.

*Average weight of a set of MICHELIN Power Pure front 120/70 ZR 17 and rear 190/50 ZR 17 tires, compared with the average weight of competing tires in the same category produced by four major-brand manufacturers.

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